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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  March 18, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> students at two north bay schools are struggling to cope with a double tragedy on a raceway near sacramento over the weekend. >> i am kristen sze. the cause of the fatal crash is under investigation. friends are remembering 14-year-old marcus johnson, one of two people killed at the
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marysville raceway park. his own 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson, was the driver whose car went out of control. cornell, people are familiar with the young driver? >> yes, absolutely. kauai a racing legacy here in northern california. in fact, we are here at the petaluma speedway where the johnson family spent many weekend racing their winged sprint cars. the family now is in mourning over a terrible weekend racing tragedy. the johnson family's muffler shot is a growing memorial to the 14-year-old marcus johnson. he was one of two people killed on saturday by an out of the control race car at a speed p way north of sacramento. the was war driven by husband own cousin who attended petaluma high school. the two were as close as brothers and an investigation into the crash is now underway but the boy's grandfather says
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that the steering wheel on the car may have come loose. >> it clipped. we have not analyzed the car yet. it has been impounded by the sheriff in marysville. we will get the car back and analyze it but the steering wheel either came off or the shaft broke. >> marcus would have been 15 and chase will be 18 but they were really, really close, a close knit family. couldn't have a better family. >> the family raced the winged sprint cars on circuits across northern california. the middle school where marcus attends is now in mourning. kids, there, are out on spring break but grief counselors are on hand when the students return next week. live in petaluma for abc7 news. >> in vallejo police are investigating a fatal shooting. officers found a man shot to death last night after someone
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called 9-1-1 to report gunfire in a home. officers found the men dead inside a garage. they say he was an older man but have not released his name. no arrest or a mettive. the police are vetting an early morning stabbing at a bar at a sports bar and grill about 2:00 a.m. as the bar was closing. investigators think two men were hurt after a fight break out between two large groups. both men were taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of their injuries. right now, the police are reviewing surveillance video hoping it will lead them to the attacker. >> former santa clara supervisor is expected to plead guilty this afternoon to charges connected to misusing taxpayer money. the prosecution says that he used public money and campaign funds for parties, golf outings and gambling. the sheriff agreed to sign documents admitting to ten counts of violating the political reform act.
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the district attorney says he faces up to a year in county yale and $50,000 in fines. >> demonstrators gathered outside the post office, the national postal convention at mascone center protesting a cut in saturday mail service and a jobs. our news reporters joins us live. you spoke with the postmaster john about the concerns? >> i did. he says he is optimistic about the future of the postal service and says the business is facing trying times like any other company and they are trying to make responsible decisions in the face of big losses. they have lost 27 percent of mail volume. but look at this video in the last hour. it is postal workers and their supporters taking aim at companies that send a lot of mail, catalogs and advertisements on how to reach more customers. but these workers are concerned
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about the dismantling of the postal service with closures of the small branches and their plan to cut saturday delivery service. >> we are bringing it to the attention of the public. this is the issue. we would like to keep our services and our building. >> our people do a great job. we have never laid anyone off. we allowed overtime to run out. we have use the things like buyouts for our employees but never laid them off. we very responsible employer and we will continue to do that. >> meanwhile, the postal service is criticize god spending at the forum $2 million over four days here. but he defends it saying people rely on the united states postal for business and they represent $22 billion in revenue, a third of the postal service revenue all here at the mascone center. back to the popular issue of saturday service being cut off,
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congress is considering a move to try to bring back service on saturday but it is not clear what we can do because the postal service doesn't receive federal appropriations, it doesn't receive tax money, and patrick donohue says they never will. >> thank you. happening right now, day one of a week-long experiment open bart, aiming to test whether bicyclists and other passengers can share bart trains during the high commute hours. our news reporter is live at the bart station in oakland. how is it going so far, amy? >> kristen, we have not seen major problems but the debate is raging on. bart is trying to make it more comfortable for everyone, trying to make this work. but bicycle riders say they realize it is crowd asked they worried about tonight saying the evening commute is when it really is jammed up in there. >> bicycles are allowed on bart trains at any hour this week but that does not necessarily mean
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they welcome. >> they are constantly in the way and they take up two or three chairs. you commute around 5:00, it is not a good idea to have them. it is really crowded. >> officials say they have reconfigured the trains to try and create more space for bicycle riders and will try out the new space this week during a test run. even during the busy commute bicycles are allowed on board this week. >> some we removed, we also took out the windshields in many of our cars so you can see when you ride a bart train that the areas near the car doors are much more filled with room. >> bicycle riders are thrilled. john usually cannot go straight home after work because the bicycle is not allowed at that time. >> i have to wait another 20 minutes. >> bart tried to allow bicycles on fridays in august and it was a tie. we had 37 percent opposed to
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changing the rules. we had 37 percent for changing the rules. that is why bart needs this second test. >> officials highly recommend participation in the survey after this test week saying the board will pay close attention to rider feedback. >> they want to see how this test week goes. we do have many board members that are passionate about bicycles just as our cyclists are. >> the input really could help break a tie in this situation so they have an online survey you can participate in, they have a phone number you can call if you want to express yourself that way. you can do it all the way until april 3rd. we have put all of that information on our website at give bart your feedback. you have until april 3rd and then the bart board will talk about what to do. >> thank you. still ahead, a major announcement from former secretary of state, hillary
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clinton. why some political experts think it is a signal about her future. pope francis is meeting with someone he has a history with, as the vatican makes last-minute 97eparations for the inaugural
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or ask how to get your choice of a kindle fire hd, sonos play:3 or xbox 360 free with other qualifying internet offers. [ male announcer ] u-verse high speed internet. [ man ] where all systems are go. ♪ >> ten authorities declared a state of emergency and sent in the national guard to try and control a fast-moving wildfire outside the great smokies
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national park burning in a resort town of pigeon forge. the fire started yesterday at a house fire and you can see what happened. it spread, charring more than 35 cabins. pigeon forge is known for dolly parton's theme park that was not affected by the fire. >> new this morning, former secretary of state, hillary clinton, is announcing her support for same-sex marriage for the first time. >> lgtv americans are our colleagues, friends, soldiers, lord ones and are full and equal deserves and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. >> the gay rights advocacy group posted this video on youtube this morning. experts say her announcement fuels speculation he is considering another run for president in 2016. >> also new this morning, president obama has made his
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pick for the next secretary of labor. thomas perez is a top official in the justice department. the 51-year-old has play add leading role in challenging voter i.d. laws in texas and south carolina. he has support from the labor and latino communities but some republican critics in congress are expected to oppose his confirmation. if confirmed he would be one of the highest ranking hispanics in government. >> pope francis is gearing up for the first official mastectomy at st. peter's square with the first audience today with the visiting head of state, a president with whom he has clashed over a socially liberal policies. >> pope francis has charmed the faithful from the humility. speaking to 150,000 at st. peter's square off the cuff. with the first south american pope he cannot escape the past. he cigaretted -- greeted the
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president of argentina. in the past they have been at crossroads over the dirty war between 1976 and 19839 military dictatorship killed and torture up to 30,000 people. the church is accuses of complicit in the crimes. >> abc was told that francis had the power to save his family and he refused. human rights campaigners accusebergbergberg of letting two of his priests be action deducted and failing to apologize for the church actions over records of what it did. they deserve better. all of us deserve better. >> francis has said he battled the dictators in private meetings. >> there were church leaders who were very close and way too close to the military regime,bergberg was not one of
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these, he -- bergoglio was not one of these. he kept a low profile. >>the controversy is not didn'ting francis' popularity and tomorrow he has the inaugural mass and get as fisher man 'ring the first time to be worn by a nonreturn in over 1,500 years. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, is ahead with the forecast. >> the weather at the park? >> there will be high clouds keeping the temperature up, in the 50's, dress normally as you do for a giants game. the low clouds are still hanging around with more haze than anything, and high clouds mean a change is on the way with the new timetable for the rain and how much to expect in your neighborhood. >> also, a global showdown at the ballpark and why thousands of baseball fans from around the world are in the bay area this week. a rough start for lindsay lohan late for the latest than half
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> this morning, a local food bank receive add huge donation in the efforts to fight hunger. more than 32,000 california eggs were dropped off at the san francisco food bank donated by san jose's egg ranch as part of the national effort by the
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united egg producers in feeding america to provide local food banks with fresh eggs in time for the easter holiday which is a couple of weeks away. >> people have sort of forgotten about helping around the holiday time, our support is very strong so it is great do have contributions like this. hopefully it will get other people thinking, wait, i have not been do volunteer or donate in a few months and they will come back and help. >> eggs are a prized item because of their high protein content. >> tens of thousands of baseball fans from around the world are in the bay area right now for the world baseball classic at the home of the san francisco giants' ballpark. the netherlands face the dominican republic and the winner advanced to tomorrow's championship against puerto rico. they beat the defending champion, japan last night 3-1. and angel grabbed the final out.
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>> that was a familiar spot for angel. >> looked familiar, didn't it? >> a different jersey or different shade of orange. >> probably knew all the areas of that outfield. >> it will be cloudy and mild and maybe a little bit of rain tomorrow but just sprinkles. it will not stop the game. right now, live doppler 7 hd shows all is quiet. it is dry right now. clouds are on the increase, though, and can you see a few of those as we look at san jose and 87 near help -- h.p. pavilion, and oakland is 57. san jose right now is at 56 but ten degrees warmer in walnut creek at 56. we show you another view of san jose and they up some more temperatures, 57 in santa rosa and hayward at 56 and livermore is at 55. fairfield and los gatos are the warm spots at 60 and 62.
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today we will have a lot of high clouds but, city, mild temperatures with clouds keeping the temperature up but not so cool as this morning. the clouds will be thick enough tomorrow to bring the first rain. the storm system will come in two waves. it sounds impressive but it does not have the moisture. we will have the rest of the afternoon, mid-to-upper 60's in the south bay where san jose at 68 and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula, with millbrae the cool spot at 63. off the coast, you will be nearly 60. downtown, south san francisco and sausalito low-to-mid 60's. through the north bay, upper 60's to low 70's. back at the beaches, ten degrees cooler. on the east bay shore we have temperatures around 63 at hayward and castro valley to 66 in oakland and hercules and warmer in the east bay valley and san ramon valley in the upper 60's and highway four, temperatures are in the upper 60's to near 70. tonight, the clouds are going to be spreading all over the entire
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state, rather, this afternoon and tonight and we will be in the mid-to-upper 70's through the central valley and 55 at tahoe and 66 in los angeles and 90 in palm springs today. for tonight, you can see the cloud cover, our coolest temperatures are in the north by as you would expect in the low 40's. to the west, we have an impressive storm system, a mature system, how it will come in, in two parts. first, we get the warm air and then we get the cold front so we have two chances of rain. the first is tomorrow with the warm a air. at 7:00 in the morning, mostly cloud cover, watch the warm air from the west with light rain developing headed through the evening commute. it will be scattered. it will be very light. it will continue through the better part of the evening and taper around midnight before the cloud front comes in. this is the best chance of steady rain. it will not last long. at 7:00 in the north by and 9:00 through the heart of the bay and
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11:00 or 12:00 in the south bay and then the storm system is over and winter is gone and we will have warmer weather and 70's back for the weekend. rainfall amounts are hoping we get the higher side both of these up to quarter of an inch in the lower elevation and .5" in the higher elevation. the closer you are to the beep because the main is coming from the west and the first part, the more likely you are to get heavy rain. the temperatures drop into the 50's to near 60 so not a brutal cold system from the west but it then reaches in the 70's for saturday and sunday bay and inland neighborhoods. so it will be a gorgeous week. abc7 news has another great resource for the weather, follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter, and for the latest bay area conditions and "spare the air" alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> all our favorite weather team. >> the one in front of us is always the favorite. >> when i am at home at 5:00 and
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6:00... >> i only have one favorite. >> lindsay lohan arrived late at county court for day one of the trial of whether she lied to police. lindsay lohan had to get a ride on the private jet after she missed her flight from new york to los angeles on sunday night. the private jet landed at lax this morning but she got stuck if the rush hour traffic on her ride to the courthouse. she arrived there finally 48 minutes late. lindsay lohan could go back to jail if she is convicts of violating probation by lying to police after a car crash on the pacific coast highway. >> still ahead, tonight is the big night for the new cast of "dancing with the stars" and what bay area contestant is already doing to make history. >> you know, today i am thrilled to welcome two of the oscar-nominated men of silver linings playbook, bradley cooper
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and robert difficult
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>> come. >> coming up at 3:00 on "katie" robert deniro and bradley cooper from silver linings playbook and, also, why is disney banning certain children at parks? new mammogram guidelines for women, how often should you


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